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The following articles were written basically for our Legion Branches to encourage members to participate in some of the many ceremonies we attend each year in Europe. Other readers may find some of them interesting.

Liberation of Belgium 2012 - Legion members participate in ceremonies and events that celeberate their liberation

Tribute to a Manitoba Flyer fron WWII - Family members visit the grave of a Manitoba Flyer and a Canadian hero

Liberation of the Netherlands 2012 - European Legion Branches take part in the ceremonies and events 4-5 May 2012

Vimy Ridge Day - 95th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge Day Ceremony 2012

Dieppe 2012 - Zone Europe attended the ceremonies and events thea marked the 70th Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid.

Queens Own Rifles of Canada - In 2012 the QOR of C visit their former camp, Fort McLeod in Deilenghofen, Germany and hold a ceremony of remembrance at the Werl Park Cemetery where some of there comrades and family members are laid to rest.

Westkerke, Belgium 2011 - Seventy years later Belgium Remembers and pay tribute to the victims of a 408 Squadron RCAF aircraft a Handley Page Hampden (HP 52) that was shot down on 9 November 1941.

IJzendijke 2011 - Members of Zone Europe pay tribute to the soldiers that were killed in this explosion

Liberation of Belgium 2011 - Members of Zone Europe attend the ceremonies of remembrance in Belgium

Liberation of the Netherlands 2011 - Members of Zone Europe attend the Liberation Ceremonies

Beaumont-Hamel 1 Jul 2011 - Members of Zone Europe honour the Newfoundlanders that fell in battle on this sad day

Zone Meeting Mar 2011 - Members of Zone Europe get together for a meeting

IJzendijke Ceremony 2010 - To the soldiers British and Canadian who lost there lives in an accidential explosion in 1944

Liberation of Belgium Ceremony 2010 - Canadian War Cemetery and other events that took place on the liberation weekend in September

Vimy Ridge Day Ceremony 2011, France - ceremony honouring the Canadians that fell during the capture of Vimy Ridge.

Abbaye d' Ardenne, France - the sight where Canadian Soldiers as prisoners of war were murdered by the SS under the command of Kurt Meyer.

Beaumont-Hamel, France - the sight where the Newfoundland Regiment got wiped out during the battle of the somme on 1 July 1916.

Sicily - 60th Anniversary of the invasion of Sicily ceremony. In 2003 Legion members travelled to Sicily where we took part in several ceremonies.

Momigne, Belgium - the towns people dedicated a memorial to the Dieppe prisoners of war to which they aided as they were being transported to a prisoner of war camp in Germany.

Dieppe, France - 60th Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid. In 2002 Legion members provided a Colour Party and attended all the ceremonies that took place during our stay in Dieppe.

Dieppe, France - 65th Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid. In 2007 Legion members provided a Colour Party and attended all the ceremonies that took place during our stay in Dieppe.

Buchenwald - In 1999 Legion members visited the concentration camp at Buchenwald to pay homage to the victums that suffered and were murdered there.

Burgen-Op-Zoom, the Netherlands - A young Canadian soldier who disappeared into the Dutch soil where he fell in early 1945 was finally given a proper burial some 56 years later.

Belgium - Netherlands & France - one of the many on the road trips where we attended several ceremonies in different countries.

IJzendijke, the Netherlands - this article describes the event of a accidental explosion that took place causing the death of British and Canadian solders.

East Dunkirk - this cemetery has a small section of allied war graves and also two Belgium sections where members of the Belgium are laid to rest.

Holten, the Netherlands - this Canadian War Cemetery contains 1,394 servicemen all of which was killed in the latter stages of the war during the advance of the 2nd corps into Germany.

Jahlay-Telegot, Belgium - this ceremony honours six Canadians and one British Airmen, the crew of a Halifax Bomber that was shot down in November 1944.

Normandy, France - this trip basically was done for members who never had the oppurtunity to visit Normandy particularly our military members who are posted to Germany for a short time.

Wilnis, the Netherlands 2002 - On 05 May 1943 a Vickers Wellington Bomber HE 727, one of 600 aircraft involved in an air raid on the city of Dortmund, Germany.

Wilnis, the Netherlands 2003 - this ceremony we were honoured to provide a colour party for the unvailing of a beautiful memorial honouring the airmen killed during the crash of their aircraft.

Belgiun & the Netherlands 1998 - On this trip we bounced around between Belgium and the Netherlands doing several ceremonies and meeting a lot of great friendly people.

Windmill - The famous windmill in the Netherlands that has been restored it was used in many of the old war movies

Code Named Gentil - The incredible deeds of a young resistance leader whose brave deeds would save the lives of many Canadian soldiers

Westkerke Belgium - Ceremony honours the victiums of an aircraft the was shot down in this area on 9 November 1941

450 Ceremony Zeeland, The Netherlands - Paid tribute to two victums of an aircraft shot down on 21 September 1944

Werl Ceremony 2003 - The Canadian Sections of the Werl Park Cemetery is completely renovated.

Cpl Edgar Arundell - A war hero remembered with a short story of the families love and devotion after all these years

Oudenaarde, Belgium - The town honoured the soldiers and airmen that lost their lives in libraing their town

Frank Verhulst - One of our too few remaining war heros. A highly decorated Belgium soldier who fought with the Canadians

Liberation of The Netherlands 2005 - 60th Anniversary ceremonies and activities during our week in the Netherlands

Liberation of The Netherlands 2008 - Zone Europe participate with a colour party at ceremonies in the Netherlands

Liberation of The Netherlands 2007 - Zone Europe participate with a colour party at ceremonies in the Netherlands

Liberation of The Netherlands 2006 - Zone Europe participate with a colour party at ceremonies in the Netherlands

Liberation of The Netherlands 2003 - Zone Europe participate with a colour party at ceremonies in the Netherlands

Liberation of The Netherlands 2001 - Zone Europe participate with a colour party at ceremonies in the Netherlands

450 Ceremony Mariahout - Pays tribute to two British soldiers that were killed in action in September 1944

450 Ceremony Benschop - Honours the crew of a Wellington Bomber that crashed here in 1944

IJzendijke 2007 - Photos

Choloy, France 2007 - Annually Branch 001 host a Remembrance Ceremony honouring the sacrifice of the Military and Family Members that are laid to rest in this cemetery.

Boekhoute, Belgium - Unveilng of a commemorative plaque to honour the sacrifice of the Canadian Soldiers that were killed during the liberation of their town.

450 Ceremony Erp - Tribute to six Airman of the Royal Air Force and British Soldier of the Royal Engineers

Lt. N. S. Harper and 2nd Lt. D. G. Benson - the story of two WW I heros shot down over Lahr, Germany. Branch 002 of the Royal Canadian Legion in Lahr named their branch in honour of their sacrifice.

Note: When I originally put these articles together it never occurred to me that some of the readers would not be familiar with the structure of the Canadian Army during the War Years. That was my fault of course, why should you know since the Military has changed so much over the years and many of the Units from that time have been disbanded or work out of some Armoury as a Militia or Cadet Corps. I happened to overhear someone saying they liked the articles but they kept getting lost when references were made about certain Military Units, Divisions, Brigades, Battalions, Regiments, Sections, Platoons etc. Also find additional information that may be helpful.

Rather than rewrite the articles I will offer the following references that you can use as a quick guide that should resolve that problem.

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