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August 2013

Information posted regarding the Liberation of Belgium Ceremonies

July 2013

Posted upcomming ceremonies
Information posted regarding zone meeting


updated Beaumont-Hamel Ceremony
Posted upcomming ceremonies and events Zone Meeting, Liberation of Belgium and Remembrance Ceremonies at Beaumont-Hamel and Vimy

May 2013

Updated the Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial Service 1 July 2013

April 2013

Updated the last post section of Branch 002
Posted minutes of Zone Meeting 23 Mar 2013

January 2013

Posted up-comming ceremonies and events
Added Photo Gallery under the Archives tab Dieppe, QOR of C

December 1012

Posted draft of the events calendar for 2013

November 2012

Updated ceremonies

October 2012

Posted the Liberation of Belgium Ceremonies and will put some captions on the pictures soon Liberation of Belgium 2012
Updated Branch 001 Execurive

Posted details of the Beaumont-Hamel & Vimy Ridge Remembrance Day Ceremonies Info Here

Septrmber 2012

Updated QOR of C ceremony including our hotel
Posted a Ceremony in Reischwald Cemetery to a Canadian Flyer
Posted information on membership clich here
Updated QOR of C Ceremony

August 2012

Added Liberation of Belgium Ceremonies
Updated Dieppe
Added Ceremonies

July 2012

Added Ceremonies
Up-date Dieppe ceremonies

May 2012

Up-dated Beaumont-Hamel Ceremony on 1 July
Posted the Liberation of The Netherlands Ceremonies
Posted the Vimy Ridge Day Ceremony

April 2012

Updated the Liberation of the Netherlands Ceremonies
Updated Branch 005 Executive

Added photos to Westkerke Ceremony
Posted Comrade Raymond Lortie to Last Post Branch 004

Posted the Dieppe Ceremony
Posted the Beaumont-Hamel Ceremony
Updated the Liberation of the Netherlands Ceremonies

March 2012

Updated info for the Vimy Ridge Day Ceremony

February 2012

Posted more info regarding upcoming ceremonies

January 2012

18 Jan Posted the Westkerke Ceremony
6 Jan Posted information regarding the nest Zone Meeting
Posted information on coming events

December 2011

Posted the death of Hank Bakker to the Last Post Section of Branch 005
Posted the tentative Zone Events Calendar for 1012

November 2011

17 Nov Posted Zone Europe/Branch By-Laws
17 Nov Posted Information Booklet for Zone & Branches
17 Nov Posted the Events Calendar for 2012

October 2011

17 Oct Added Recent Ceremonies

September 2011

24 Sep Posted Branch Remembrance Day Services
15 Sep Posted the IJzendijke Ceremony

July 2011

3 Jul Posted the Liberation of Belgium Ceremonies
3 July Posted the Remembrance Day Services at Beaumont-Hamel and Vimy Ridge
3 Jul Moved a number of ceremonies that was under recent ceremonies to the archives

June 2011

8 Jun Postd information regarding the Beaumont-Hamel Ceremony on 1 July
6 Jun Posted information regarding the trip to Normandy

May 2011

1 May Posted the Vimy Ridge Day Ceremony

April 2011

26 April Posted the Executive of Branch 005
21 April Posted photos of the Zone Meeting in Geilenkirchen Mar 2011
11 April Posted the list for the ceremonies in the Netherlands 4-5 May

March 2011

19 March Posted the minutres of the zone meeting held at Branch 003 on 12 March 2011
17 March Posted Liberation of the Netherlands Ceremonies 4-5 May
17 March Posted the Beaumont-Hamel Ceremony 1 July
17 March Posted information regarding the zone meeting 30 July
17 March Posted information regarding the Battlefield Tour to Normandy 10-14 Aug
17 March Updated the events calendar. Added the Westkerke, Belgium Ceremony
15 March Posted the final list for Vimy Ridge Day Ceremony on 9 April

February 2011

19 Feb Time of the Vimy Ceremony on 9 April added 1600 hours
7 Feb It is with sadness to add Ronald La Fontaine to the Last Post section of Branch 004

January 2011

21 Jan Updated Branch Contact List
10 Jan Its with sadness to add Peter Dekker to the Last Post section of Branch 005
10 Jan updated Branch Remembrance Day Ceremonies in the events calendar
2 Jan posted the dates for the Battle Field Tour to Normandy being organized by Branch 002, dates 10-14 August

December 2010

26 Dec Posted Branch Remembrance Day Ceremonies 2010
16 Dec Posted eligability gidelines to join European Branches and an application form under the zone information tab
4 Dec Changed the date of the zone meeting. The meeting will now take place Saturday 12 March in Geilenkirchen

November 2010

24 Nov posted the Scedule of Events for 2011 under the Zone Information Tab
12 Nov posted the Remembrance Day Ceremonies at B-H & Vimy ubder the Recent Ceremonies Tab

October 2010

25 Oct posted the IJzendijke Cermony under the Recent Ceremonies Tab

September 2010

15 Sep posted the Liberation of Belgium Ceremony under the Recent Ceremonies Tab

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